Who is an Enlightened Wealthy Woman?


  • A woman who knows her Divine natural state is wealthy.
  • A woman who lets go of others opinions and values herself
  • A woman who seeks to integrate the spiritual and the material worlds
  • A woman who aligns her Soul Purpose with her natural talents
  • A woman who creates a conscious business with heart
  • A woman who releases the past the pain and the fear and embraces Divine abundance
  • A Woman who does what she loves, makes a juicy income while serving others
  • A Woman who is ready willing to let go of her limits, take 100% responsibility for her life and embrace the wealthy, happy, fulfilling life she is designed to live
  • A Woman who sees abundance knows she deserves and asks for what she wants
  • A Woman who creates partnerships connections that expand her business exponentially and give to others at the same time
  • A Woman who is full of passion, purpose and attracts prosperity wherever she goes

I am very pleased to offer my first Enlightened Wealthy Women program. Over the next weeks I am transforming my business and websites to reflect my new path. My mission is be a guide and a doorway for women who want to bridge the gaps in their lives. Between Spiritual and Financial, between happiness and wealth, between freedom and meaning. I believe all women long to be and are designed to be both wealthy and live an enlightened life.

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Working with women who want to Live an Enlightened life full of Wealth. A life of freedom and meaning, doing what you love, :

  • Be on a conscious path to enlightenment
  • Integrate your Spiritual life and your Material Life
  • Receive your Spiritual Riches and your Material Riches
  • Uncover their Soul Purpose
  • Tune in to their inner authentic voice
  • Bring passion and presence into every day life
  • Open to your Divine flow of abundance
  • Master your money mind
  • Develop Wealth Esteem
  • Transform your Wealth Image
  • Increase your Wealth Setting
  • Clarify your path and vision
  • Increase sales, income, streams of income
  • Attract more clients and opportunities
  • helps more people
  • Honor, respect and loves herself,
  • Unplugs from the opinion of others
  • Lives the life her Soul intended
  • Clarify your business's ideal client
  • Design a marketing plan


  • Create multiple streams of income
  • Create their own financial independence
  • partner and co create to the highest good of all
  • Spend sacred time with their financial life
  • Master their money mind
  • Transform the Money fears
  • Increase their Wealth Esteem
  • Intentionally create their internal Wealth image
  • Tap in to their Wealth vibe and direct it (energy)
  • Design the vision of the life of their dreams and choose it
  • follow the path that lights up for them with courage, compassion
  • Transform their relationship with money and create a Money Muse
  • Affirm their worth, their wealth
  • Create a business, income that is conscious, heart centered and uplifting
  • Give and receive with equal passion
  • Allow the Spirit of Money to flow in their lives
  • Trust money is their ally, a resource of pure potential energy
  • Tap into their creative flow and help others

Starting September 9th

Enlightened Wealthy Women Group Coaching

If you are interested in joining, knowing more then please put your name and email in the box to the right.

You will be invited to a free call  on September 1st and get all the information you need.

You get 4 calls per month: 3 calls per month PLUS membership in the Magnetic Wealth Club 90 min monthly call belief clearing. All for only $147 per month… 2 calls are all group coaching, me answering anything you need help with. The other calls will be addressing a deep money or worthiness belief and giving you the strategies to grow your business while staying true to your Soul.

We start the month with a 90 minute call and a Belief clearing session. This sets your monthtopic and intentions.

You receive all the audios as downloadable mp3's.

2 Topic 2 Group Coaching

Magnetic Wealth Club $19.97/month you get a powerful 90 min Main topic call with a belief clearing

SPECIAL: If you enroll now: Women in the Enlightened Wealthy Women group coaching will get free access to the Magnetic Wealth Club

Each month we release a new set of beliefs that are holding you back from the opportunities, action, money, fun, joy, confidence, love, self esteem.... you desire.

We work on these key areas, while bridging then merging your spiritual self with your business,s your physical and emotional life and creating wealth and enlightenment. Also Wealthy lifestyle design :)

Welcome to your Enlightened Wealthy life!